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Rockhill Creamery Cheese

Crafting Cheese with Character

Many factors contribute to the unique and full flavor of our cheese.


First and foremost is the highest quality milk that comes to us from Cache Meadow Creamery. We use raw milk (not pasteurized) and work in small, handmade batches to create cheese with local character.

And then there are the months of care we give to each wheel of cheese as it resides in our aging cave. Offered at three different ages, our cheeses are softer and creamier with rich, mellow flavor when young. They get harder and drier with a deeper, more complex flavor when aged longer.

Our young cheeses are aged more than 60 days, "Select" label are aged more than 5 months, and "Reserve" label aged more than 12 months.

Twist on Tradition

Each variety of cheese we make began with a traditional recipe from Europe, where the art of cheesemaking has its deepest roots. From this starting point, we adapt and develop the recipes to fit our creamery and bring out the best qualities of our milk.    

Alpine style cheeses were first developed in the European Alps. Made by cutting the curd very finely, cooking to high temperatures, and pressing the wheels to expel whey, these cheeses are sweet and nutty, often with eye formation. Gruyere is the classic example of an alpine style cheese and the inspiration for our Wasatch Mountain. 

Washed curd cheeses are most famously Dutch. Made by cutting the curd slightly larger, then removing whey and replacing it with hot water to cook the curd, these cheeses are creamy and easy to melt when young, developing sweet notes and harder texture with age. Gouda and Edam are the classic examples and the inspiration for our Dark/Snow Canyon, Farmhouse, and Zwitser.

Alpine Style

Wasatch Mountain/Reserve

When young, this cheese is buttery, nutty, addictively snackable, and melts beautifully for fondue or French onion soup. Longer aging brings out intense umami and rich butterscotch flavors in the Wasatch Mountain Reserve.

Flagship Varieties - Consistent Availability

Boo Boo Baby Swiss

With characteristic eyes and a mild Swiss flavor, this cheese began as a "boo boo," but now has become a permanent addition to our selection. Boo Boo is a variation of our Wasatch Mountain and is a sweet, nutty cheese that pairs well with a nice smoky ham.

Seasonal Variety - Limited Availability 

Mt. Gog Montasio

An Italian-style mountain cheese, Mt. Gog has a complex flavor profile. Toothsome and rich on the tongue, the flavor melts into a mild piquant bite that will stay with you. Longer aging brings out a sharper bite.

Seasonal Variety - Limited Availability

Washed Curd

Dark/Snow Canyon Edam

Named after two of our favorite southern Utah canyons, these cheeses exemplify the effect of aging. Dark Canyon is creamy with herbal undertones and ages two to four months in large wheels. Delicious melted on a burger.

Snow Canyon uses the same recipe but is only made in small wheels and ages over a year to develop robust flavor with a floral hint. It is a much harder, drier cheese with a beautiful white rind.

Flagship Varieties - Consistent Availability

Farmhouse Gouda

Made in the traditional manner but with a natural rind, our Farmhouse has a bit of a bite compared to a traditional Gouda. When young, this cheese is an excellent melter; as it ages, the flavor deepens and texture nears that of a grating cheese.

Flagship Variety - Consistent Availability 


Also made in small quantities with whole black peppercorns added - the perfect complement to the young, creamy Farmhouse.

Seasonal Variety - Limited Availability

Zwitser Gouda

"Zwitser" means Swiss in Dutch. This variation of our Farmhouse Gouda has an extra enzyme added that gives it a bit of that Swiss zing. If you love strong cheese, this one's for you. Only sold with at least 12 months of aging.

Seasonal Variety - Limited Availability


Escalante Hispanico

This Spanish-style cheese is made similarly to Manchego but using whole, raw cow’s milk instead of sheep’s milk. Escalante has a mild tang when two months old and gets stronger and develops a crumbly texture with age. It melts beautifully and makes a delicious salad topping.

Seasonal Variety - Limited Availability

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